Logo Design & Graphic Design

The logo design of a business or brand sets the tone for how your targeted audience perceives your brand and acts as the jumping off point for all of your branding elements. As a result, hiring local designers with experience is important.

DesignMaze is a graphic design agency that has an experienced team which creates engaging and creative logo designs, stationery design and print design across the US that will help your business to stand out from the crowd in the most ideal rates.

Types of Logo Design

2D Logo Design

Best Solution for Your 2D Logo Creation

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a 2D Logo Design is just the right choice if you want your custom logo design to convey a message that resonates with your brand. Let us design a logo that leaves a positive first impression on the customer and etches an unforgettable brand identity in their mind.

3D Logo Design

Best Solution for Your 3D Logo Creation

Looking for that extra oomph in your logo? Then why not go for a three-dimensional or 3D Logo Design? A 3D Logo Design adds more depth and character to your logo while making it more eye-catchy and visually stunning, so you know it looks a lot better not just on your website but also printable like stationery, letterheads etc.

Animated Logo Design

Best Solution for Your Animated Logo Creation

It’s all about grabbing the attention of the customer and an animated logo design does just that! With motion animation, our expert team of professional logo designers creates unique, stunning and highly creative works of art that leaves customers stunned.

Mascot Logo Design

Best Solution for Your Mascot 3D Logo Creation

If your focus is to create instant brand recognition then a Mascot logo design is the right way to go. After all, a Mascot Logo Design doesn’t just give the user an image to recall but a complete character! And this means that you can enjoy easier brand recognition, and faster too! So, allow us to create the perfect Mascot Logo Design for you that resonates with your brand and characterizes its values and culture.

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